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June 23rd, 2005

04:28 am: it's been real, it's been fun....BUT IT HASN'T BEEN REAL FUN!
R.I.P. derprankfurter
September 28th 2003- June 23rd 2005

You can catch me at anorgasmia for a new era of fun, enlightenment, lack of orgasms, and fun.

Current Mood: finished
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June 22nd, 2005

05:29 pm: "OMG i'm middle class and entitled to so much cool shit now clean up after me and do your job i'm better because my family makes more money I have so many opinions on many fields (music, cinema, theatre, philosophy) and i have a keen worldly outlook on you and everyone else because i have the resources to do so."

scrawled in some notebook months ago.

June 20th, 2005

02:47 pm: Plan-It-X-Fest-Part-TwoCollapse )

Current Music: This Bike is a Pipe Bomb- "The Black Panther Song"

June 19th, 2005

04:34 am: today's too great to worry about anything on our list of things to do
Plan-It-XCollapse )

Current Music: Ghost Mice- "Boy Meets Girl"

June 16th, 2005

08:49 pm: My only regret at this point in my life is that I didn't spend more time writing shit in people's yearbooks.

Mary said she inscribed Situationist graffiti slogans in everyone's high school yearbooks. "HUMANITY WON’T BE HAPPY TILL THE LAST CAPITALIST IS HUNG

If only...

08:16 pm: longCollapse )

Current Music: The "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield"
06:02 pm: the history channel repeats itself.
longCollapse )

Current Music: Serge Gainsbourg/Brigitte Bardot- "Bubble Gum"

June 13th, 2005

06:49 pm: Nick:
Alex: Dan, it's Srgt. Impoglio the grass is long, the starboard wing tip is sallow, and you've done nothing about Narnabucket's Mistletoe Storage Facility Registration Form Layout One more of these little slip ups and you're out of here faster than you can say bread chonstle fuller bone myers bone blog solar tram
Nick: how you is?
Alex: like warm apple cider garnished across a freshly asphalted treetop village. you?
Nick: like a bottle of peach cobbler that's been out in the sun all day and batted around by a rogue racoon
Alex: weathered by the dreary soda pop showers and aggressive "assistant manager" attitude of the rainbows from blessed little billy's top drawer treasure box?
Alex: growth stunted by girthful wooden mallets at chucky cheese's?
Nick: sort of....more like sticky from kool-aid waterfalls and leathery from days of moistened yellow-brick road staple sockets
Alex: with a more-than-desirable-on-halloween-night pH?
Nick: no
Nick: a bottled-up frenzy of jostled enchanted mushroom storytime amphitheaters alongside a folding chair of pixiedust hemispheres
Alex: furthermore, your MOUTH is like chicken
Alex: your VENTRICLES are like gracious uncle mallow sphere's taut and tender monsters
Nick: dude, but YOUR notions of gentrification are nothing in terms of firewater gilded slippery taut lines of washboard frontporch postulates
Alex: and your TAYTOES are like greasy fun dip donut batter balls implicit in your differentiation tunnel wick a wallow sinful mund merst spud whining ninny pook a pocket spill a sprad a fad a man a bandaland o' smilto sultry turkey chund
Nick: look, brother
Alex: no now YOU LISTEN HERE
Alex: this is not a game dan
Alex: this is every sicilian daughter you ever wished for
Nick: *I* have a fresh outlook. i have a stork that feeds me goldfish when i sleep. i have a waterslide. i have a ruptured ol' miniskirt made of slopped out frozen peas and grim prizes
Nick: what do YOU have?
Alex: My Mom said, "A pow wow today?"
Alex: it wasn't easy, but i responded, "no mother, responsibillities are abound"
Alex: i proceeded to list the following:
Alex: CASE A: I will stack wonder bread under and over no more than five plastic crates
Alex: QUESTION 2: Dan will not waste time under my jurisdiction. No corn trunks will go unturned, no cajun cajoling will be tolerated without a grimace, a shrug, and a stern reprimand
Alex: APPLE 3: I will list five ice creams of my choice, and destroy them
Nick: i have a quolstion for you
Alex: Is this not more than you can handle Dan?
Alex: Sgt. Impoglio got this position through trial and error, slick slides, and no untold stories
Nick: where did your wrench of trenchmouth frothy yarn jostulations bitter rumtum drum gum go? is it on saturn? TITAN? TRITON??
Nick: love our locks, Block!
WrdlessMouthplay: i'm out!

June 11th, 2005

09:17 pm: no one's as good as me/ they just got better marketing schemes.

A. My dog was in the most vicious dogfight. Like, two dogs absolutely ripping each other apart. I knew that if I didn't act instantly, one of the dogs would be killed. I somehow seperated the two by getting Lily to go downstairs into the basement. I'm not sure how, but I did.

B. It was the first weekend back at Beloit. In spite of it being 3 in the afternoon, there was a raucous party in effect. The place was a cross between the C-Haus and someone's actual haus. I spotted a girl I know (sorta well), who will remain nameless and started talking. She out-of-nowhere knocked me over and pinned me to the ground, in a manner neither violent nor sexual. She asked me to close my eyes and did some crazy psychic meditation thing that I probably remembered better immediately upon waking. But as my eyes were closed I entered a sort of psychedelic trance that defies description. The only thing you need to know is there were immense contrasts between pitch blacks and blinding lights. And voices from different corners of some dimension.

Then I woke up from this trance when she snapped her fingers. She then proceeded to fall over laughing in an obnoxious drunk manner, which was funny, as she had previously not appeared intoxicated. Then, without a sound, foamy white vomit streamed out of her mouth in quarts, maybe even gallons, and I got up to go find her help.

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Immortal Technique- "Industrial Revolution"
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